Dear team leaders

Thank you very much for bringing your referees and judges!

We appreciate it! The uniform for referees can be
the same as the uniform in their karate style.
(Otherwise the uniform should consist of:
dark blue shirt with short sleeves,
white or yellow bowtie, black or dark blue pants.)
Don’t be in your shoes on the tatami!

We assume that every referee will have his own whistle,
we have flags for every referee.

For the referees and the judges we will have a lounge with refreshments, hot food, hot and cold drinks.

The referee meeting will be held on 29. 2. 2020 from 10 am, it would be best if you were there by 9:45.

Address: Polská 2400/1a, Praha2, 120 00

Thank you for your cooperation and best regards!

Mgr.tatiana Bultaeva, administrator